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Grand March at Harvest Masquerade Regency Ball 09/22/18 in Balboa Park

Thursdays - 7:00pm - 10:00pm new format

FREE Swing & Salsa dances for September 2021

Link to many videos from the 2017 Escondido Renaissance Fair 

Good examples of Renaissance Faire outfits/costumes and dances.

Videos from the San Diego County Fair in June 2018:

Link to many videos from the 2018 May Faire Ball

Good example of Regency outfits/costumes and dances.

In the tradition of John Playford, who wrote The English Dancing Master in 1651, we bring to life the country folk dances that were the main source of entertainment and socialization in Elizabethan England.  Everyone, from the peasants to Queen Elizabeth, knew the steps to these dances.  In the words of the Dancing Master himself, we "much commend it to be Excellent for Recreation, after more serious Studies, making the body active and strong, graceful in deportment, and a quality very much beseeming a Gentleman [or Lady]."

About Us

Originally founded in 1997 and revived in 2013, the Playford Plodders teach English folk dance in the Elizabethan style.  Weekly rehearsals help us remember the steps for performances at Southern California renaissance faires.


Rehearsals take place at the Casa del Prado building in Balboa Park, Room 203, on Thursdays from 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm.  If you show up early, we can review styling and basic steps/patterns.

A $2 donation is requested.

The Basics

Get familiar with the basic steps of English Country Dance and the terminology that accompanies it.



Upcoming event: The next Harvest Masquerade Regency Ball will be Sat 09/21/19 5:30-9:30pm Balboa Park Club

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