07 Nov 1996

By-Laws of the Playford Plodders

English Renaissance Country Dance Club



Article I: Name


The name of this organization, by the authority of the San Diego Parks and Recreation Department, and under the authority of the International Dance Association of San Diego County (IDASDC), shall be the Playford Plodders.




Article II: Objectives


1. The organization shall primarily concern itself with the performance of English Renaissance Country Dance, and the historical, musical, and social accompaniment to the dance.


2. The organization shall operate as a non-profit organization and no part of the net earnings, contributions, or other property shall be given to any member except as reimbursement for authorized club expenses.


3. The organization will provide instruction in dances and methods of this style.


4. Research into music, dance, and costumes of this period will be encouraged.


5. The organization will encourage English Renaissance Country Dance as a family activity.


6. The organization will comply with the By-Laws and Standing Rules of the IDASDC.


7. The organization and its member will not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, sex, ancestry, or national origin.




Article III: Officers


1. There shall be 4 officers elected by the members of the Playford Plodders: President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary.


2. No single person may hold more than one elected position, but holding an elected position does not preclude the member from occupying any appointed or committee position.


3. The term of office shall be one fiscal year.


4. Elections shall be held at the first business meeting in May of each year.


5. All members who are current on dues payment are eligible to vote for officers.


6. Voting shall be by secret ballot. The outgoing secretary shall conduct the balloting. If only one candidate is running for an office, election may be by show of hands.


7. The duties of the President are:


            a. Direct the schedule of the weekly meetings.


            b. Insure that all dances included in the repertoire are practiced at least once in three weeks. For a dance to be in the repertoire, there must be enough dancers qualified for that dance to routinely have a full set.


            c. Schedule the presentation of new dances.


            d. Designate a caller for each dance in the repertoire for new attendees and members unfamiliar with the dance.


            e. Preside over club business meetings.


            f. Appoint, with consent of the other elected officers, the appointed officers and committee members.


8. The duties of the Vice President are:


            a. To perform the duties of the president in the absence of the president.


            b. Maintain the telephone roster and calling tree.


            c. Be the point of contact for member's missed or late attendance.


            d. Maintain the club scrapbook.


            e. Organize or coordinate all social functions.


9. The duties of the Treasurer are:


            a. Record all income and expenditure.


            b. Maintain a current membership roster, including the mailing address.


            c. Act as liaison to the IDASDC insurance representative.


            d. Present a financial report to the club at monthly meetings.


            e. Present a financial report to the International Dance Association of San Diego County as required by the IDASDC.


            f. Present a budget for the succeeding year.


10. The duties of the Secretary are:


            a. Maintain a list of the repertoire.


            b. Maintain a list of dances each member has qualified to perform.


            c. Maintain a list of callers for the dances in the repertoire.


            d. Verify that the repertoire dances are practiced at the specified frequency.


            d. Record the activity of the business meetings and make these records available to the members and the IDA.


            e. Send a letter to the IDA after club elections, naming the elected and appointed club officers.




Article IV: Appointed Officers


1. There shall be a Marketing Representative to solicit performances for the club. The Marketing Representative shall be the coordinator for publicity for the club.


2. There will be two primary IDA Representatives and one alternate to attend IDA meetings. Delegate duties are set by the IDA by-laws and Standing Rules.


3. There will be a Performance Contact to accept requests for performances by the group.




Article V: Membership


1. Membership shall be open to anyone who:


            a. Has demonstrated an interest in English Renaissance Country Dance.


            b. Has paid the membership dues for the current membership year.


2. A member who has not paid their dues by the first of June is not a voting member as of the first of June and is not covered by insurance for the membership year.


3. Membership may only be revoked by unanimous decision of the elected officers of the club after valid reason and cause has been presented.


4. Each member has the right to decide the amount of their participation in the performances; however, once a commitment is made to participate, the commitment is expected to be upheld.


5. No person shall be restricted from membership or participation in any club activity based on an unwillingness to perform in public.


6. No person may be required to become a member to participate in any event, practice, performance, or meeting at City or County provided facilities.




Article VI: Meetings


1. The club will meet weekly on the night approved by the City of San Diego in the approved room.


2. A quorum for a business meeting is a simple majority of the voting members, including at least three elected officers.


3. Instruction will be provided in the dances practiced and performed at the weekly meetings.


            a. New dances will be presented as scheduled by the president.


            b. The presentation of a new dance will be abandoned if the instructions do not match the music and cannot be organized quickly and easily.


4. Additional meetings and rehearsals may be called by the President or Vice President as required with at least 14 days notice to all members.




Article VII: Performances


1. Performances will be accepted by vote of the membership.


2. Appropriate costumes will be worn at performances.




Article VIII: Financial


1. There will be a club bank account maintained. All expenditures over $20.00 from this account will be by check signed by the Treasurer and President or Vice President.


2. Dues of $7.00 per year are to be paid to cover IDA expenses. Increases due to changes in IDA fees are not to be considered to be changes to these by-laws.


            a. The dues are to be paid before the first of June of each year.


            b. Members who join after the start of the membership year shall have their dues reduced to 50% of the normal annual dues.


3. The amount carried over in the club bank account at the end of each year shall not exceed the projected expenses for the following year.


4. The financial and membership (fiscal) year shall start on 1 June and end on 31 May.


5. Fund raising and payments to the club shall be according to limits imposed by the IDA, and the City and County of San Diego.




Article IX: Amendments


1. The by-laws may be amended by a majority of members attending a business meeting.


2. No by-law may be enacted that is in conflict with the By-laws and Standing Rules of the IDA.




Article X: Dissolution of the Club


Dissolution of the club shall be by approval at a business meeting, and shall be according to IDA rules.


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