Rehearsal Location

Rehearsals take place in the Casa del Prado, located on the east side of Balboa Park near downtown San Diego.  We meet every Thursday starting at 7:30 PM and going until 9:30 PM in room 203.  We will have occasional Guest Instructors which will prepare us for upcoming events like the Harvest Masquerade Ball & review other ball dances.


163 S to Park Ave exit

Left on Park

Left on Village Place (just before the Zoo)

Parking is easiest in the lot on the right as you turn onto Village Place.

Follow Village Place back to the Prado Theater.  The Casa del Prado is just past the theater, across the quad.

Go through the double doors, then head upstairs.

What to expect at rehearsal:

We'll spend a couple minutes stretching ankles and calves, since these will get a work-out.  Next, if we have beginners, we'll review the basic steps of English Country Dance.  There aren't very many, and nearly all dances are simply a rearrangement of the same basic steps.


Then we'll walk through a dance.  Dances are composed of 2, 3, or 4 couples, or danced in a circle.  We trade off partners throughout the evening, so it's not necessary to bring your own.   After that, we hit play on the iPod, and we dance!  Each step will be called out loud, so no one has to guess what comes next. 


Chances are, you won't be an expert on any of the dances by the end of the night, but that's okay.  We're here to have fun!

Black Nag at Escondid Ren Faire