Basic Terminology

The Repertoire

Double - four steps forward, starting with the right foot.  Called a double because it's two sets of steps.  Most dances begin by "going up a double and back," or taking four steps forward, then four steps back.


Single - Two steps forward, starting with the right foot.  


Turn - A 360-dgree turn to the right in  four steps.


Siding - This move begins by facing the partner, trading places with him, and then moving back to your original place.  The move is done in four steps to switch, starting on the right foot, and then retracing the path back, again in four steps, again starting on the right foot.


Arming - Just like American country dance: hook right elbows with your partner and walk around in a circle in eight steps.


Set and Turn - A hop to the right, a brief shift of weight the left foot and back to the right, then a hop to the left, a shift of the weight to the right foot and back to the left, then a turn in a circle in four steps.


Bow - The English bow is a unique one.  Men and women have a nearly identical body movement that begins by placing the right foot in front and turning the toes out to display the calf or ankle, then bending the LEFT knee.  A slight bend at the waist completes the motion.


Hay - A weaving of three or four people in a braiding pattern.

Nightpiece and Jenny Plucks Pears at San Diego County Fair

Rufty Tufty, Picking Up Sticks, Gathering Peascods, Childgrove

Link from 2016 Escondido Ren Fair: first six videos show:

1 - Jenny Plucks Pears, Chestnut, Black Nag, Nightpiece

2 - Picking Up Sticks

3 - Cuckolds All A Row

4 - Chestnut

5 - Hunt The Squirrel

6 - Nightpiece / Shaking of the Sheets

Link to 2015 San Diego County Fair.  Nine Playford Plodders Videos.


Two Couple Dances

Cuckolds All A-Row

Heart's Ease

Rufty Tufty

Three Couple Dances

Black Nag



Nightpiece/Shaking of the Sheets

Maiden Lane

Picking Up Sticks

Upon a Summer Day

Whirly Gig

Four Couple Dances

Merry Merry Milk Maids

Hyde Park

Mage on a Cree


As Many As Will

Aurettis Dutch Skipper


Gathering Peascods

Hole In The Wall

Hunt The Squirrel (Geud Man)

Indian Queen

Jacks Maggot (Double the Cape)

Jenny Plucks Pears

Juice of Barley

Mock Hobby Horse

Plodder's Delight (Queens Jig)

Sellenger's Round

Trip to Paris


Mistwold from May Ball 2018

Rufty Tufty at Spring Esc Ren Faire 2018