a)  These Standing Rules will be effective January 10, 1997.


b)  The name Playford Plodders shall not be used for any activity without prior consent of the Board.


c)  Changes to these standing rules may be made at any business meeting.


d)  Appeal regarding arbitration of disputes:


            i)  Any party dissatisfied with the decision of the Playford Plodders Board or of a  board appointed committee may make a written appeal to the Playford Plodders Board within 30 days, petitioning for reconsideration.


            ii)  The written appeal must state why the initial decision is considered unjust or unsatisfactory. Copies of the written appeal must be delivered to the Board and all interested parties at least five (5) days prior to any meeting to consider the appeal.


            iii)  The appeal may be considered at any regular meeting, or a special meeting called for that purpose.


            iv)  If the Plodders membership decides to reconsider the decision settling the dispute, full and free discussion and debate shall be allowed all interested parties and delegates at the Plodders meeting.


            v)  If additional meetings must be called to resolve the dispute, the meetings must be scheduled at least five (5) days apart.


            vi)  A new settlement or decision must be passed by a quorum as defined in the by-laws.  If the new decision fails to pass, the initial decision will remain in effect.





a)  The treasurer shall maintain a monthly record of expenses and income.


b)  The Treasurer may pay expenditures of the Playford Plodders that have been previously approved by the board.


c)  All Officers and the liaison appointee shall be reimbursed upon presentation of bills for all telephone calls, postage, and other expenses incurred pertaining to Playford Plodders business during their term of office or positions.


d)  A copy of the fiscal end of year Playford Plodders financial statement will be prepared by the treasurer and given to each member of the club.


e)  Dues for the musicians will be paid by the club.





a)  Committees may be appointed for specific duties by the President.


b)  Only voting members can be appointed to committees.


c)  At the time of appointment to a committee, the president must also state an expiration date for the committee and the term of the appointee.





a)  The Playford Plodders treasurer must submit a list of its members by October 1st of the current year to the Treasurer of the IDASDC.


b)  The Playford Plodders treasurer must pay the insurance fee to the IDASDC treasurer to be insured, by October 1st, of the current year.


c)  The IDASDC insurance chairperson is the only point of contact with the United Square Dancers of America Insurance Chairman. Delegates or Playford Plodders members are not to contact the USDA Insurance Chairman. Any questions regarding insurance are to be directed to the Playford Plodders IDASDC Delagates. If the Playford Plodders Delagates can not answer the questions, then they will contact the IDASDC Insurance Chairperson.





a)  Only IDASDC delegates shall contact the Liaison for all issues, e.g. room requests, room set‑ups, complaints, permits, etc.  Club delegates and members shall not contact City personnel directly.  If the Liaison is unavailable for any period of time, the Clubs shall be advised and the delegates shall contact the IDA President about special requests.


b)  The Plodders are responsible for ensuring that only one (1) IDA delegate serves as the point of contact with the Liaison.  Any change of this delegate must be reported to the Liaison as soon as possible, including any temporary unavability.

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